Saturday, 27 October 2012

If Your Life Was a Novel......

According to the theory of destiny our lives are already mapped out in front of us before we even draw our first breath. People who believe in fate often say that "everything happens for a reason" and that life is about learning lessons and evolving spiritually. When you look at it this way, you could also say that each life has certain themes that are central to it, and which are intrinsic to character development.

 If all of this is true the question has to be asked: Who wrote the story? The obvious answers are God or the higher self. The next question is what type of story is your life? Is it mainly farce, tragedy, comedy, drama, or a mixture of all of these? Is it well-written and coherent with great dialogue and an interesting mix of characters? Or does it meander all over the place with no coherent plot and unlikeable characters? We're all still WIPs, but can you see any particular themes emerging in your existence? What would a reviewer say if they read your life story up to this stage? Would they be enthralled and want to continue, or would they be bored and uninspired?

Why not write your own review of your own unfinished life story to give you an idea if it is on the right track and if you like the direction it's heading in? Obviously you can't go back and rewrite any of it (if only!) but it's never too late to make changes that will lead to a happy ending (ie. a fulfilled and satisfying life.)

Here's my blurb from my own review of Francene Carroll: A Life In Progress

In many ways a conventional story, Francene Carroll does have enough surprising twists and turns to keep it interesting. The overall plot is confused and at times I really wonder where the story is going, but there are also hints of potential yet to be fulfilled. This is what compells me to keep reading even when the main character frustrates and infuriates me with her self-pity, indecision and lack of self-esteem. I really hope she manages to overcome her demons and follow her dreams.


  1. Nice idea for a post :) I'd say my life is most likely a dramedy...childhood was a bit rocky, but it has all evened out in adulthood and I have learned to laugh at everything (that, and life is much better now.) I think if a person were to read my story and held out to the midway point, they'd have a smile on their face until the very last word.

  2. Dramedy is probably the best word to describe most people's lives. A bit of drama, tragedy and comedy all mixed in together! If we're lucky we get more comedy than tragedy, with drama in small doses, and some unexpected twists and turns that keep things interesting. Glad to hear that you story is a happy one now Randi Lee,and hope it continues on this path :)