Sunday, 18 November 2012

Almost at the end of my WIP

There's no other feeling in the world quite like finishing a book, especially if it's been living in your head for a long time. My current WIP is almost at the stage where I can start sending it out to publishers, and I'm so thrilled to wrap it up and move on.

Although it's only a 36,000 word novella, this has been one of the hardest things I've ever written. The story is a standard romantic suspense, and it's no different to anything I've written before, but for some reason it's taken me FOREVER to finish it.

There are several reasons for this, but I think the main one is that I started writing it for an anthology were the guidelines were very strict, and although the story has changed completely, just basing the original story on something that wasn't my own idea was difficult. I also took much more of a pantser approach because I really didn't know where the story was going for a very long time and had a bit of trouble deciding how to end it.

 The process wasn't as enjoyable as it has been with other things I've written and just writing a few paragraphs was exhausting. My WIP started to feel more like a whip at times! There's also a distinct possibility I'm suffering from burn-out because I've really thrown myself into writing over the last two years, almost to the point of being obssessive.  For all of the above reasons I avoided it as much as possible, but I wasn't able to move onto anything else until it was finished. Some people can't finish books once they start reading them, and I'm the same with books that I'm writing!

Looking back now that I've almost finished it, I can see how it reflects every other book I've written in different ways. I'm not sure if this means I'm becoming stale and recycling ideas, or if this is inevitable once you've written a few books. I can honeslty say I'm quite proud of it, but I do wonder if I've managed to pull the ending off successfully. Only time will tell.

I tossed up between self-publishing and sending out queries, and I decided to give the traditional route another go because I like getting feedback and having my books professionally edited, even if it means I lose some of the control over the end product. I'll probably send it out to my top three publishers during the week and then settle in for the agonising wait. I'd like to say I'm ready to move onto something completely new, but I have another half finished novella that I have to finish before I can turn over a completely fresh page, and then who knows what my twisted mind will come up with! Stay tuned.

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