Monday, 31 December 2012

My Writing Year in Review

I must say 2012 was a pretty good year for me as far as my writing is concerned. I finished the Eternal Hunger novella series and Hunger of the Wolf. I also wrote two other novellas and I started What Women Don't Want, which will hopefully be my first book for 2013.

This was also the year that I dived head-first into the world of self-publishing, and overall it's been a good experience. I still have a huge amount to learn about writing but I'm on my way and I'm thrilled to be starting a course in writing very soon which I hope will help me to develop further. You can only do so much on your own, and I'm at a point where I really need feedback from people whose professional judgement I trust.

My writing goals for 2013:

1. To read more. To be a good writer you need to read A LOT and I need to get stuck into my TBR list in a big way this year. I'm kicking the year off with A Tale of Two Cities to get myself in the frame of mind for quality writing. No offence to my fellow-indies but I downloaded a lot of sub-par books this year, most of which I didn't finish.

2. To expand my horizons beyond romance. Everything I've written so far has had romantic elements but I'd like to write something in a completely different genre. I have some ideas for a thriller and a fantasy, but at the moment they're just tiny seeds.

3. To forget all about sales and just focus on writing. I'd also like to engage more meaningfully with other writers and readers without having the goal of marketing my books always in the back of my mind. I figure if I write a good book it will eventually find its readership, and if it doesn't well at least I had fun writing it!

4. To write (or at least start) a full-length novel that I can submit to traditional publishers and have the patience to wait for responses.

5. To write more short stories. There's no better way to hone the craft in my opinion.

6. To spend less time cruising aimlessly around the net. This was a HUGE time waster for me in 2012 and I don't want to repeat the same mistake this year. On that note I'm getting off my computer right now.

What are your reading/writing goals for 2013?

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