Monday, 7 May 2012

Not Too Shabby!

How lovely to start the day with a four-star review for Pleasure Island from It's always wonderful to get good customer reviews but when they come from independent sites dedicated to the romance genre they are just that little bit extra special. Thank you, Emily!

Review: Pleasure Island by Francene Carroll

Hollywood actor Jackson Moore needs to redeem himself in order to get his career back on track. His drunken bouts and well-earned title of a playboy have finally caught up with him, and his career is beginning to suffer. At his agent’s insistence, he agrees to do a reality show that pairs him with another woman and leaves them stranded on an island. How bad could it be, no woman has ever turned him down before and won’t likely in the future?

Allie Read cannot believe she agreed to go on a show called Pleasure Island. As a documentary filmmaker, she finds herself wondering if she is going to lose credibility and she still has no idea who she will be on the island with. Never the less, the money she could win could help her towards her causes and possibly finance her next film. When she realizes that she has been paired with Jackson, she is ready to split. The overly cocky drunk who has no regard for manners is doing his best to get under her skin, but Allie learned long ago that she can be as stubborn as the rest of them, and plans to outlast Jackson on the island. What develops is enemies turning to friends turning to something quite precious, but is it too good to be true?

Pleasure Island was an interesting concept that developed into a wonderful story. Jackson is hard to like in the beginning but he redeems himself and grows up. Allie never wavers from who she really is and becomes the corner stone in Jackson’s recovery. You are cheering for the two as if you were watching the story develop on air, a fantastic book for a sunny day.

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